Unlock Your Full Potential: Join Our 12-Month Mastermind & Luxurious Wellness Retreat

Experience Profound Transformation in Business, Spirituality, and Well-being

Imagine a 12-month journey that blends business mastery, spiritual awakening, and profound healing….

What if I told you there’s a way to not only unlock unparalleled success in your business and also reconnect with your inner self and experience holistic healing? Welcome to our exclusive Business, Spiritual, and Healing Mastermind, accompanied by a 4-day luxury wellness retreat – a transformational experience like no other.

Close your eyes and imagine this:

You’re standing at the edge of a tranquil, sun-kissed beach, a gentle breeze caressing your face. Your body feels lighter, and your mind is at ease. You’re surrounded by a community of like-minded individuals on a quest for growth, enlightenment, and well-being.

👋 I’m Guri. When I started my online course/coaching business journey back in 2018, I thought that business, marketing, strategy is all I need to learn. Once I have the tech set up, a good webinar in place, a facebook group created, everything will just fall in my lap.

After one year of struggling with failed launches I realized, that it wasn’t just about marketing and tactics, it was also about Mindset.

I set on a “building a growth Mindset” journey without realizing that I was signing up for a roller coaster ride. 

✨ I figured, mindset work is nothing without internal healing and healing is nothing without spiritual growth.

It’s a push and pull most of the time. I learned to allow things to come to surface.

I allow myself to deeply immerse myself in an emotional ride so I can allow things to fully show up in their true sense.  

Growing up, I was told to suppress my emotions and was left to internalize them on my own [all alone].

✨Healing and Spiritual Growth happens when you come aware to an emotion or an internalized belief that never served your best interest. More often this happens more often you realize that you are a spiritual & divine being in a human body.✨

You can then manifest anything and that you are here to share your wisdom, knowledge and your story in your own way.

Now I have always been a spiritual person. Most of my spiritual learning come from my religious teachings.

But here’s the thing… it still took me a while to understand that I can grow, heal and build a profitable business at the same. It doesn’t have to be one before the other.

✅ One of my client, Dr Catherine Toomer, had her biggest launch ever in August 2023. She made $60k in one month. 

Had I known this before I would have been writing this email to you years ago…

I want this for you..


🙌 It can happen all together and I want to help you in this.

Want to know if we can walk together on this journey?

I’m opening doors to my 12 month mastermind including a retreat.

This mastermind and retreat experience is perfect for:

  • Entrepreneurs/Coaches/Course Creators: Seeking exponential business growth and personal fulfillment.
  • Seekers: Eager to explore their spiritual path and inner potential.
  • Thought Leaders: Committed to holistic well-being and visionary messaging.

Your Transformation Starts Now!!

Join our community of like-minded individuals on a journey to success, spirituality, and well-being. Together, we’ll create a brighter future.

We are committed to your success, growth, and healing. If, after the first month, you don’t feel this program is for you, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

The Transformational Business Mastermind

Unlock Your Business Potential: Your Sales Machine and Trademark Methodology or Framework that will show you out as a Thought Leader in you industry. Gain the strategic insights, cutting-edge business tactics, and personalized coaching you need to scale your business to new heights.

Design your profitable Offers: Your coaching or your course or your curriculum isn’t your offer. Your offer is what SELLS on it’s own! Learn how to create one.

Unwrap Your Thought Leadership Messaging.

The Luxurious Retreat

🌟 Escape to Paradise: Immerse yourself in four days of pure luxury and rejuvenation in a stunning, serene location.

🌟 Reconnect with Your Essence: Participate in daily yoga, meditation, breathwork and wellness workshops led by experienced practitioners. 🌟

Indulge Your Senses: Savor gourmet meals, spa treatments, and exclusive excursions designed to nourish your body, mind, and soul.

What You’ll Experience

🚀 12 Months of Accountability: A year of intensive mastermind sessions, individual coaching, and group support to elevate your business and life.

🌌 Spiritual Awakening: Transform your spirituality with weekly practices, guided meditations, and mindfulness exercises.

💫 Heal, Balance, and Thrive: Learn holistic healing techniques, energy balancing, and stress management for optimal well-being.

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  • Business Brilliance: Our 12-month mastermind is your roadmap to business excellence. Gain access to industry experts, personalized coaching, and proven strategies that will propel your business to new heights.
  • 🌌 Spiritual Awakening: Discover ancient wisdom and mindfulness practices that will reignite your spiritual journey. Connect with your inner self, tap into your intuition, and experience profound personal growth.
  • 💫 Holistic Healing: Release stress, rebalance your energy, and achieve optimal well-being with our holistic healing modalities. Learn how to manage stress, improve mental clarity, and harness the power of your mind-body connection.
  • 🏝️ Luxury Retreat: Escape to a haven of luxury and wellness, where daily yoga, meditation, and rejuvenating spa treatments will pamper your body and soul. Explore the beauty of your surroundings through exclusive excursions.

Still worried?

Above all, have Support Coaches and Facilitators from different Modalities and expert areas to help you and hold you accountable through this journey. You’re not alone!!

How did Dr. Catherine, founder of Weight Health Profitable Practices, make $70k in her launch from one webinar? Sign up to my upcoming webinar to know how she did it. 
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